Partial list of our modules:


Allows the Site Administrator to manage the academic departments. Create department categories on the fly and then write a description of each department within each selected school level (eg. High School, Middle School, Lower School).

Create as many course categories as needed and post descriptions of the course along with prerequisites within each selected school level (eg. High School, Middle School, Lower School). Academic departments automatically populates the faculty list within each department and course description.

Admissions & Recruiting

Custom designed forms that prospective students can fill it out and submit online. reducing your mailing and printing costs. Additionally, you can give applicants the ability to correspond via email with volunteer alumni for recruiting purposes.

Administrator Site Management Tools

Our intuitive backend administrative tools allow you easily manage your entire website. Generate reports, update content, approve changes, collect updated records and much more

Athletics Calendar

The athletics calendar provides end users with the ability to view individual team calendars that include a team bio, coaching staff information, season record, practice and game schedules and a team picture. Game schedules include date and time of game, location, game type and opponent with further features that allow for color code highlighting changes to the calendar such as new date, new time, new location or a game cancellation.

Add game highlights that appear in a pop up window along with the results of individual games.

Directions to each game appear in a pop up window may be included. A printer friendly version of each game schedule is available via a link on each team page. An administrator module provides tools allowing for the site administrator to fully add, update edit and delete content from the athletics calendar. The athletics calendar administrator site features the ability to create administrator accounts that allow for access to be limited to the athletics calendar administrator tools

Business Yellow Pages

Using the Personal Profile Builder, a simple-to-use, sophisticated home-page builder offers clean graphic-art design and integrated information sharing with other community modules. Members can build and maintain a personal homepage profiling their skills and showcasing their successes. They can choose to include business information and be included in the Business Yellow Pages area to promote their business.

Career & Recruiting

A job search and resume posting service integrated with resume search tools, career opportunity and job posting features. Members have the ability to browse or search through job postings using specific criteria such as keywords, industry, company, location, etc. Employers have the ability to register online and fill out a job posting form, outlining the job description and their employer profile, or they can search through the candidate resume database using very specific criteria, such as graduating school, year, degree, major, GPA, test scores, job function, etc.

Candidate Ranking System

As a resume is being viewed onscreen, employers have the ability to rank the resume and add any relevant notes, all of which can be viewed in summary format at any time. This feature is especially useful in that it allows employers to track all candidates being reviewed and rate them accordingly in one single location. recently received the "Best of the Best" award from CareerXRoads, a leading Directory of Job, Resume and Career Management Sites on the World Wide Web. Based on a review of over 3,000 career-related sites, CareerXRoads only awarded 50 Web sites with this high honor.

Chapter Association Web site Builder

Allow alumni and members worldwide to stay connected by developing a Chapter Association Web page within the online community of your organization or institution. The Chapter Association Web site allows chapter presidents to create an individual events calendar that may or may not be incorporated in the overall events calendar of the online community. Give Chapter presidents the ability to Web broadcast chapter association members about these events while keeping the institution or organization in tune with what is going on.

Class Notes

Give alumni and members the ability to update community members with individual class notes pages for each class year, with picture uploading and text insertion capabilities. Provided with or without the review process where institutions or organizations can approve each class note posted.

Classifieds Listings

An online bulletin board designed for alumni and students to advertise classifieds listings based on categories selected by site administrators.

Custom Page Creator

Provides site administrators with the ability to create endless web pages with links appearing in the left hand navigation area. Pages are created using an easy to use rich text editor, very similar to Word. While being easy to use, the tool has many powerful features that allow one to create a professional appearing web page with little or no knowledge of HTML coding. The tool also allows for the uploading of images, java applets and many more file types to be used on the site.

Discreet Messaging

Gives alumni and members the option of selecting their desired level of privacy, up to and including the option to not reveal their email address, and have instead an envelope appear next to their name. In this manner, members can contact each other by clicking on the envelope, typing their message, and having the message sent to the recipient's personal mailbox inside the community, without actually knowing the recipient's personal email address.

Email Forwarding ("Life-time email") & Web Based Mail Box

A permanent email service which allows alumni and members to remain in touch with their alma mater/organization even if they change email addresses over time, with the organization's name appearing in the email domain address.

If your constituents choose to do so, they can purchase a web based mailbox. Accessible literally from any Internet connection - even wireless applications like cell phones or PDA’s

Entrepreneurial Ventures

A forum for connecting and collaborating with peers who are starting new business ventures. Alumni NS members have the ability to fill out a profile template of their goals, generic description of their business idea and the kind of business partner they are seeking. They can then browse through other members' profiles and initiate contact via email.

Email Web Broadcast with Rich Text Editor

A feature rich email communications system allowing for customized messages with the ability to target specific segments of the online community membership. Using the same search interface found through out the member management tools of the administrator site, messages can be sent to any combination of search criteria.

A rich text editor tool similar to using Word is provided for site administrators to create custom messages. This allows for uploading of images for insertion into messages, full formatting of all aspects of the message from text to message layout with little or no knowledge of HTML coding. Easy creation of hyper links within messages is just one of the many features of our rich text editor. Messages can be created in advance and saved to be sent at another time, previously created and sent messages can be edited and sent again. Message archiving allows for administrators to review previously sent messages including a listing of all members whom the message was sent to.

Events Calendar with RSVP and Registration

Sophisticated online events calendar providing categorized event listings. Full featured event postings with images, event location, time and date, event description, contact information, driving directions, event RSVP and more. Events calendar is fully managed using site administrator tools. These tools allow site administrator to add, edit and delete event postings. The RSVP administrator tool provides the power to create unique RSVP forms. Data from event RSVP is stored in the database and may be viewed online or downloaded in spreadsheet format. Instructions for using spreadsheets for mail merge and labels are included.

Event payment feature adds functionality to allow for RSVP forms to include online event payment processing. Fully scalable, this tool allows for multiple price options for the same event as well as providing the end user with the ability to purchase different price points for an event within the same order.

Faculty Directory

Administrator controlled faculty list that can sort by department as well as alphabetically. Add faculty to the faculty directory; edit/update their department, phone number, e-mail address

Internal Mailbox

Alumni and members will have the ability to contact each other and employers with the option of selecting their desired level of privacy, up to and including the option to not reveal their name or email address. Members will have the ability to send, receive and delete email as desired.

Member Directory

Our powerful, multifaceted search mechanism and directory was designed with peer-to-peer networking in mind. Give your alumni and members the ability to search for fellow members by a variety of parameters: Industry, Job Function, Specialty, Degree, Degree Level, Graduation Year, Metro Area, State, City, and any other desired categories.

Member Referral

An easy to use form which allows alumni and members to spread the word about the online community by sending emails to fellow alumni containing your message and links to online community for registration.

Member Home Pages

A simple-to-use, sophisticated home-page builder offers clean graphic-art design and integrated information sharing with other community modules. Members can build and maintain a personal homepage profiling their skills and showcasing their successes.


An opt-in mentoring program allows members to create unique mentor profiles. Mentor profiles provide an easy to use, quick to create format that includes the ability to remain anonymous and set a limit on incoming messages. Members may browse mentors in the system using criteria such as the mentor’s company, industry or job function.

Message Boards

Threaded message boards allowing alumni and members to post their opinions on various organized topics. Administrator can change the discussion topics as often as desired. Members of the community can opt to post an opinion on the message board or send the author of a posting a private email.

News Publishing by Category

Provides Client administrators the ability to post unlimited news items by Client-designated categories with picture & video upload capability and use of HTML if desired to create for example hyperlinks or bold/italicized/underlined text.

Online Chat

A live forum where alumni and members can communicate online from anywhere in the world. Developed for the community, members in the chat room can click on the profile page of fellow members they are talking with in the chat room.

Online Gift Form

Customized gift from so that you capture the information that is most pertinent to your organization. End user can donate through a secure page on your site. The gift form can also accept recurring gifts (i.e. $50 per month for 1 year) and bill end-users credit card accordingly. Backend administrator report allows admin to view the donations per year and all associated information with each gift.

Online Store with Secure Payment

End users will be able peruse your online store and purchase items through a secure payment environment. The back end administrative tools will allow you upload pictures of items for sale, set the featured item on the front-end, set homepage special items list, create as many item categories as desired, view purchase receipts and records, manage tax rates, download purchase records into an excel spread sheet and manage orders.

Online Pledge Page

Fully functional pledge page allows end users to pledge online.

Opinion Polls

Provides the ability for your alumni to vote their opinions on topics of interest as determined by your institution. The opinion poll box would also reflect the results of prior opinion polls.

Organization Connection (enhanced list serve)

Members will be able to join approved organizations within your organization, selecting various levels of desired involvement. Members of the same organization will then be able to send mini Broadcast emails to selected colleagues within that organization, and also view profile pages of members within their organization.

PDF Upload by Category

Provides client administrators the ability to post PDFs, organized by Client-designated categories.

Photo Archive

Alumni and members will be able to click on pictures in order to enlarge them, and will be able to email pictures to friends directly from the photo archive page. Administrators will be able to post and delete pictures from the backend administration panel, and will be able to post captions under the pictures if desired.

Teacher Pages

An easy to use content area for teachers to upload new home work assignments, photos and much more.

University/Organization News

A user-friendly administrative tool that allows your institution to post the latest news and developments, with picture capability.

Volunteer Registration

A customized form that allows alumni and members to register as volunteers, based on drop down menus of areas in which the organization seeks assistance.

Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA
"We selected Golden Parachute to communicate more effectively with our alumni and to allow alumni to reconnect with one another. Our primary goal was to create a secure website for an online alumni directory, providing privacy options determined by individual users. Response to the site has been outstanding. Alumni like updating their information, posting class notes and photos, reading campus news and registering for upcoming events online. We enjoy receiving more alumni updates and sending targeted broadcast e-mails allows us to quickly and economically reach alumni for events and fundraising. Golden Parachute has given us the tools we needed to connect with our alumni, as well as the desired look and feel we wanted for our site."

- Mark Taylor, Associate for Development