Online Directory

The online directory is the backbone of the entire Platform. It serves as the authentication and information gathering point of entry for members. We "upload" your existing member directory from your donor or member database and create custom registration fields so that members can add key information that will enhance the networking power of the overall Community Platform. Our powerful, multifaceted search mechanism and directory was designed with peer-to-peer networking in mind. Give your alumni and members the ability to search for fellow members by a variety of parameters: Industry, Job Function, Specialty, Degree, Degree Level, Graduation Year, Metro Area, State, City, and any other desired categories.

The GP Approach to uploading your member directory

  • We upload the information contained in your donor or member database based on your specifications.
  • We can upload any number of constituent groups from your database and code them by constituent type (i.e. Students, Alumni, Parents, Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff) with directory legends.
  • We provide your members with easy-to-use "self-publishing" tools, whereby they can see and select the exact extent of information that is to be publishing in the online directory.
  • We can provide various levels of access for different constituent types.

Member Directory Search

  • We customize the member registration process so as to further enhance the online directory and to obtain the additional information you want from your constituents (i.e. obtaining industry, job function, and any other desired information from alumni as they register upon their first visit).
  • Using our proprietary Discrete MessagingTM technology, we provide your members with the option of not revealing any contact information, including email address, and opting to use the Platform's personal internal mailbox. When messages are received in the internal mailbox, members are notified automatically via email and can check and respond to messages without revealing or publishing their actual email address.
  • Using our proprietary Database Architecture, we pull each members' directory information from one activity to another, so that members do not have to retype this information and so that site administrators can easily generate centralized reports from the backend.

Cushing Academy
Ashburnham, MA

"We selected Golden Parachute to communicate more effectively with our alumni and to allow alumni to reconnect with one another. Our primary goal was to create a secure website for an online alumni directory, providing privacy options determined by individual users. Response to the site has been outstanding. Alumni like updating their information, posting class notes and photos, reading campus news and registering for upcoming events online. We enjoy receiving more alumni updates and sending targeted broadcast e-mails allows us to quickly and economically reach alumni for events and fundraising. Golden Parachute has given us the tools we needed to connect with our alumni, as well as the desired look and feel we wanted for our site."

- Mark Taylor, Associate for Development