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Golden Parachute's School Website Solution v2.0 allows schools to manage content and information on its website using intuitive and easy to use administrative tools. Add WebPages to your site is as easy as formatting a MS Word document with our Custom Page Creator Tool. Administrator controlled faculty list that can sort by department as well as alphabetically. Control Athletics, Events, Academics, Membership Dues, Alumni Teacher Pages and all content for the key areas of your website with the click of a button. Contact us today to take a tour of our School Web Site Solution.

Some schools spend a small fortune on a vendor or in-house Web developers in order to build and launch a whole school site solution. The question in each case is whether or not such a huge investment will actually result in a return on investment. Further exacerbating this problem is the fact that any fancy design without robust content management tools will become dated in matter of a few years.

GP's approach to the whole school site solution is different and innovative. First, we developed our School Web Site Solutions v2.0 with emphasis on extensive content management tools for the nuts and bolts sections of the site (i.e. athletics, academics, faculty directory, development, alumni community, etc.). These sections are likely to change on a weekly, if not daily basis, and there is a genuine need for robust content management tools that allow for more than just text editing, with picture upload and HTML tool capabilities.

Secondarily, in enhancing our School Web Site Solutions v2.0, we were also cognizant of the fact that school administrators would need to add additional pages with endless content possibilities with our Web Page Creator™. In this manner, the Web site can constantly evolve based on the school's needs at no extra cost.

In line with our philosophy at GP, our goal was to create this product at cost effective prices so that our clients could realize actual returns on investment as opposed to spending more money adding additional pages or having to pay for a whole new Web site over time.

Before you make a substantial investment in an over-designed Web site with minimal content management and publication tools, we encourage you to have a careful look at GP's School Web Site Solutions v2.0. Contact us for an online demonstration today or Click here to learn more about our Web Site Solution v2.0.

Schools of the Sacred Heart
San Francisco, CA

"Having worked with Golden Parachute for several years now, we are pleased to commend and endorse them. They are incredibly professional and responsive, always addressing any questions or problems immediately and to our satisfaction. We have a unique situation in that we are a four-school community, but GP was able to customize our Web site to work perfectly for us."

- Martha M. Sullivan, Director of Development & Alumni Relations